SciFi Romance Reads for the Ripped Bodice Bookstore Summer BINGO

Wonderful selection of summer SFR. I’ve read 16 and authored 2 — all are wonderful!

Veronica Scott

Depositphotos_10302978_l-2015 alien landscape 1 DepositPhoto

The Ripped Bodice Bookstore in SoCal is conducting their third annual Summer Romance Bingo. I thought it would be fun to take their bingo card of categories again this year and identify scifi romance titles that would satisfy the requirements for readers. I asked the members of The SciFi Romance Brigade on Facebook to recommend books and definitely allowed authors to recommend their own titles. I said I’d take the first three to five books to be suggested in each category, which I’ve pretty much stuck to, although some categories were hard to fulfill and others were wayyy popular!

As the Ripped Bodice notes on their rules, “You can interpret the categories however you want” so we did take a bit of license on a few to fit scifi romance.

To be clear, we’re NOT playing bingo here, merely providing a list of suggestions! Hope over to the…

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