Serengeti Valor is a 2019 RONE finalist!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted! The next step is panel judging where a group of authors and reviewers will read Valor and the other contenders to determine the winner. I'll be biting my fingernails until October!

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Bond Proof: Available Now!

Amazon * Nook * Kobo * Apple Lilian is within a month of proving her bond, driving desperate Odds Managers to ever increasing bounties on her life—every step beyond the security of the cartel is perilous. Within the cartel, she must put aside her fear, giving all her attention to her duty and the decorum demanded... Continue Reading →

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New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday July 10

Lots of wonderful new reads in SFR and PNR this week including new releases from Cynthia Sax and Cara Bristol.

Veronica Scott

docs ordersAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



VS note: I love Cynthia’s “sizzling cyborgs” and have had this one pre-ordered for EVER.

She wants both sides of her cyborg—the medic AND the beast.

A fully functional cyborg is balanced. His machine half and his organic half work together to produce the perfect warrior.
Doc isn’t fully functional.
The G Model operates at the two extremes. When his machine is in complete control, he’s the logic-driven medic, saving lifespans. Once his organics take charge, he becomes the savage beast…and beings die.
Both sides of Doc want to be the first to claim his female.
Allinen is one of the few beings in her small settlement who…

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Summer Sale: 99c

Just in time for vacation road trips and plane rides -- two volumes for 99c! Amazon *  Nook * Kobo * Apple The first two volumes in the in the epic science fiction romance series that blend elements of space opera with the intrigue and suspense of a political thriller. THE CARTEL: The Apprentice, Volume 1... Continue Reading →

Chalice Bearer Sneak Peek

Seven-day 2, Day 1 This day, I live.  Lilian stretches sleep tight limbs, toes curling against the chill tile, even as the barren balcony overlooking the interior courtyard begins to glow with morning light. There is only this day.  Widening her stance, she settles the gold warbelt into place. She has tried sleeping without it... Continue Reading →

SciFi Romance Reads for the Ripped Bodice Bookstore Summer BINGO

Wonderful selection of summer SFR. I’ve read 16 and authored 2 — all are wonderful!

Veronica Scott

Depositphotos_10302978_l-2015 alien landscape 1 DepositPhoto

The Ripped Bodice Bookstore in SoCal is conducting their third annual Summer Romance Bingo. I thought it would be fun to take their bingo card of categories again this year and identify scifi romance titles that would satisfy the requirements for readers. I asked the members of The SciFi Romance Brigade on Facebook to recommend books and definitely allowed authors to recommend their own titles. I said I’d take the first three to five books to be suggested in each category, which I’ve pretty much stuck to, although some categories were hard to fulfill and others were wayyy popular!

As the Ripped Bodice notes on their rules, “You can interpret the categories however you want” so we did take a bit of license on a few to fit scifi romance.

To be clear, we’re NOT playing bingo here, merely providing a list of suggestions! Hope over to the…

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Spotlight on Indie Romance: 2019 RONE Finalists

Time Travel/Science Fiction I want to thank everyone who supported Serengeti Valor in the 2019 RONE Finalist voting. I am super excited to have Valor make into the finals. InD'Tale's RONE (Reward Of Novel Excellence) Awards are among the most well administered fiction awards. There is no fee to enter the competition. To be nominated,... Continue Reading →

New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday June 5

Fabulous stack of new releases in Science Fiction and Paranormal Romances, including another installment in my favorite Veronica Scott series, Badari Warriors!

Veronica Scott

badari warriors babyI have another new release to report too!

As always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



Dr. Megan Garrison, mate to the Badari Warrior pack’s senior enforcer Mateer, is perilously close to the due date of their baby when she’s kidnapped by human malcontents in Sanctuary Valley. The kidnappers threaten to harm her and intend to ransom the half human-half Badari child to the evil Khagrish scientists in return for their own lives.

Mateer and his fellow Badari launch a desperate effort to save his mate and child but the situation is made more complicated as Megan goes into labor. Can they rescue her in time to save mother and…

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