Bright Star & Twelve Systems Bundle 99c

Enter the Twelve Systems with these bargain priced, award winning novels. FREE! Amazon  * Nook  *  Apple * Kobo * Prolificworks * Bookfunnel In a society where honor is revered and love is a luxury, a woman in peril and ruthless warrior enter into a dangerous contract. To survive, Lilian vows to give Lucius her complete... Continue Reading →

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Thorn Bearer: Sneak Peek 4 #SFR #Scifibooks

The first draft of the manuscript went in for development review 5/31. It totaled 171K words, so there will be cuts. I suspect the following will be one of them.  Cesare follows the scent of cinnamon into kitchens humming with morning meal preparations. The pastry is within his grasp when a wooden spoon sets his knuckles screaming.... Continue Reading →

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