Bond Proof 2020 RONE Finalist

Woot! Thank you to everyone for voting! Bond Proof is a finalist for a 2020 RONE (Reward for Novel Excellence) Award in Time Travel/Science Fiction. To be nominated, a novel must have at least 4 1/2 Stars from one of InD'tale's professional reviewers. (Bond Proof has 5-stars). To become a finalist, the novel must have... Continue Reading →

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Summer of SFR 1 #summerofsfr

Author SJ Pajonas will be featuring Science Fiction Romances each week through August. Every other week, I will share the latest posts. Vicky L. Holt is here to talk about her sci-fi romance, HUNTED ON PREDATOR PLANET. "Esra Weaver, exo-geologist, is hired for the Kerberos-90 Mining expedition, but when she awakens in her Emergency Egress... Continue Reading →

Shieldbearer: Sneak Peek 2

Shieldbearer: Thornraven, Volume 2  begins development edits in July.   While we wait for my editor, here is a sneak peek. Lucius taps his slate, authorizing Commandant Sheila to assign the Troy relief troops to the crevasse and refinery. With over half the Desperation militia yet to be cleared for duty, the addition of two score... Continue Reading →

June 99c Sale

Amazon *  Nook * Kobo * Apple I'm so excited about Bond Proof being a 2020 RONE Finalists, I'm celebrating by putting the award winning first two volumes on sale for the month of June. Five-stars.  The world building in this series is absolutely phenomenal. . . Lillian is brilliant.  She is fierce and smart... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Indie Romance: Galactic Enemies to Lovers

A sexy federal agent, an altruistic small business owner, a corporate CEO, and an Aliens-need-brides is a staple trope of Science Fiction Romance. In a nice departure from the standard, Zina Wes sets up enemies-to-lovers political arrangement in the first book of her Makaen Warriors series, Alien Goddess: Sarah. To ensure her safety, the future human ambassador on... Continue Reading →

Twelve Systems Giveaway: Art of Stealth

Art of Stealth: The Apprentice, Volume 2.5 is FREE This 16,000 word short occurs in the sevenday between the end of Bright Star: The Apprentice, Volume 2 and the start of Transgressions. In the aftermath of the festival brawl Lilian's assailants level counter charges that could send her to the final draught. With Lucius engaged in... Continue Reading →

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