2022 Free Book Club for Red Gems Subscribers #ScifiRom #SFR

For all my newsletter subscribers, something special each month of 2022--an exclusive free book! The book may be available elsewhere, but not for free. The contributors include several who have appeared in Indie Romance Spotlight; Veronica Scott, Cara Bristol, Lea Kirk, and Tasha Black. Those who haven't been in the spotlight may well be before 2022 ends. ... Continue Reading →

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Spotlight Indie Romance: Space Gladiators #SFR #Romance #Suspense

In Badari Gladiators a spin-off of her highly-rated Badari Warriors series, Veronica Scott has combined two of my favorite alpha-heroes; aliens and gladiators. And, as with all Ms. Scott's books, her heroine's do their fair sharing of rescuing and battling villains. Kyden is the top ranked gladiator in the Five Systems but he’s hardly there by choice. Unscrupulous guards faked his... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Indie Romance: Holiday Reads #Steamy #Romance #Suspense #ScifiRom #SFR #Historicalromance #Cowboyromance

With Christmas around the corner, I'm offering a few fun, Christmas themed reads. A charming historical. 5-stars/1-flame A Courtship of Convenience Sophie Appersett is quite willing to marry outside of her class to ensure the survival of her family. But the darkly handsome Mr. Edward Sharpe is no run-of-the-mill London merchant. He’s grim and silent.... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Indie Romance: Omegaverse #Steamy #Romance #Suspense #Omegaverse #SFR #PNR

Omegaverse, also known as A/B/O (an abbreviation for "alpha/beta/omega"), is a subgenre of speculative erotic fiction. . . Stories in the genre are premised on societies wherein humans are divided into a dominance hierarchy of dominant "alphas", neutral "betas", and submissive "omegas". *Wikipedia Books in this subgenre are on the darker side and, as Alison Aimes demonstrates in... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Indie Romance: 2021 RONE Winners #Steamy #Romance #Suspense #Cowboy #SFR #PNR #Mystery #Fantasy

Rounding out my coverage of the 2021 RONE awards. Note that my blog omits the categories; Young Adult, Historical ~ Ancient to Regency, Paranormal Short, Historical ~ Victorian to 20th Century, Contemporary/Sweet, Audiobooks, and Anthologies. THE WINNERS ARE: Time Travel/Science Fiction Within days of being rescued from Desperation Crevasse, Lilian must return at Lucius’ side... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Indie Romance: Pets in Space #PetsInSpace #SFRomance #Scifirom #Spaceopera #SFR #Sciencefiction #Romance

Aliens, cyborgs, military, revolutionaries, colonists and more. All the heroes and heroines from all the favored tropes, plus their pets! Each year, I look forward to this anthology. Even better, for the month of October, 10% of October royalties are donated to Hero-Dogs.org to provide specially trained dogs to veterans and first responders. This is... Continue Reading →

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