Bright Star & Twelve Systems Bundle 99c

Enter the Twelve Systems with these bargain priced, award winning novels. FREE! Amazon  * Nook  *  Apple * Kobo * Prolificworks * Bookfunnel In a society where honor is revered and love is a luxury, a woman in peril and ruthless warrior enter into a dangerous contract. To survive, Lilian vows to give Lucius her complete... Continue Reading →

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Spotlight Indie Romance: Interstellar Disaster #SFR #SciFi

Seven time SFR Galaxy Award Winner, Veronica Scott , writes fabulous scfi action-adventure blended with classic romance. Within her Sectors SF Romance series, the Nebula Dream trilogy re-imagines the Titanic disaster in space with two follow up stories about the survivors. Individually, the stories are awesome, currently the trilogy is available of 99c. Welcome to the story... Continue Reading →

Thorn Bearer: Sneak Peek 3 #SFR #Scifibooks

Lilian sinks into the buttery soft leather, unable to avoid comparison to the spartan militia ground transport that carried her to the incarceration halls four years gone. At the time, the overcast sky was an ominous slate green, the distant spires threatening.  This day I live. The sky is clear pale mint, the air crisp, the... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Indie Romance: Bad Boy Billionaires

In a glut of billionaire romances indie author Raleigh Davis manages to introduce a new flavor with her bad boy billionaires in her two series; Band of Billionaires, and Bad Boy Capital. With a (small) touch of realism, these successful young billionaires had significant backing in achieving their success and can be total jerks when attempting to get their... Continue Reading →

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