Shield Bearer Available for Preorder

Amazon * Nook * Kobo * Apple Within days of being rescued from Desperation Crevasse, Lilian must return at Lucius’ side as his shield bearer. Together with their guild allies, they will confront the Despoilers and end their threat to Blooded Dagger and the cartel.  In the savage battle, Lucius is injured leaving Lilian to... Continue Reading →

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Price Drop: Bright Star & Twelve Systems Bundle 99c

Enter the Twelve Systems with these bargain priced, award winning novels. FREE! Amazon  * Nook  *  Apple * Kobo * Prolificworks * Bookfunnel In a society where honor is revered and love is a luxury, a woman in peril and ruthless warrior enter into a dangerous contract. To survive, Lilian vows to give Lucius her complete... Continue Reading →

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New Release Date for Shield Bearer

Production moved so much faster than I had hoped. Shield Bearer: Thornraven: Volume 2 will be available in October! Preorder links will be up within the week! Sign up for Red Gems; the monthly newsletter featuring updates from the Twelve Systems,  Special Offers,  and Freebies. Sign-up THE CARTEL Amazon  * Nook  *  Apple * Kobo * Prolificworks... Continue Reading →

Shield Bearer: Sneak Peek 4

While I work through the second round of development notes, here is another glimpse of Shield Bearer: Thornraven, Volume 2. After year's of preparation, Lilian is about to try for Mastery of Adelaide's Discipline. Lucius’ heart swells at the sight of the warbelt and Lilian's soft-spoken words. While Lilian dons the black mask and applies... Continue Reading →

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