Spotlight Indie Romance: Historical Suspense

Lords and ladies are always so much fun. A dark anti-hero and noble heroine caught up in danger and suspense in pre-revolutionary Paris? Super fun.

Anne Stuart’s first in the House of Rohan series has a delightfully decadent and unrepentant lord, Viscount Rohan, who is so well written, the heroine’s fascination is understandable. Intrepid and self-sacrificing, Elinor could have been cloying, but she has enough flaws to be interesting. Throw in a a dark back story for both and dangerous adversaries in the present and it is thoroughly enjoyable escapism.

The steamy bits are few, but super steamy.

Viscount Rohan is a very bad man. Leader of the notorious Heavenly Host, he steers the dissolute and pleasure-seeking aristocracy in their revels. Content in his wickedness, he knows there is no room for a starchy, brave English spinster in his self-indulgent existence, but his body disagrees.

Elinor Harriman is so intent on protecting her baby sister and their dying mother that she doesn’t realize the danger she’s in. The notorious Viscount Rohan could have no interest in someone like her, thank God, and no idea that she melts with longing every time he touches her. She’s an intelligent, plain woman, and his tempting, his teasing has to be some kind of joke.

But Rohan takes his appetites very seriously, and sensible or not, he wants Elinor Harriman in his bed. There is only one problem with indulging himself–he’s starting to want her in his life as well. And that would destroy everything.

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