Chalice Bearer: Thornraven, Volume 1

Coming in 2020.

After three years of trial, Lilian is free and protege to Monsignor Lucius Mercio, her greatest ambitions realized, but at a cost.  Fearful of Lady Estella’s wrath if Lilian has refused to continue her liaison with Lucius. She is   stunned to discover that Estella is entering her final days and wishes Lilian to return to Lucius and help him through his grief.  When Desperation calls, Lilian must leave Lucius and her home to journey to the distant world.  There, she will confront her deepest fears when the theft of dangerous technology forces her to travel into the furthest depths of Desperation Crevasse.

The worst of Lucius’ grief at Estella’s loss has barely passed when his world shatters again. Lilian has disappeared into Desperation Crevasse. He cannot lose them both.  Determined to rescue Lilian, no matter the cost, he races toward the Sixth System and deadly danger.

In the frigid wastes at the bottom of the Crevasse, Lilian and Lucius will discover an ancient legacy of the Five Warriors and Adelaide.

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