Spotlight Indie Romance: Romantic UrbanFantasy #Romance #Urban Fantasy #Paranormal

Jasmine Silvera may have one of the best author taglines ever: Stories about things that go bump in the night, including headboards. Her urban fantasy romances can be classed with paranormal romance, but the urban fantasy world building and plot lines drives the narrative more than the intense romances. Interestingly, although the second series in publication chronology, Tooth... Continue Reading →

Thorn Bearer: Sneak Peek 2

My wonderful editor -- who has been with The Twelve Systems Chronicles from The Cartel through Shield Bearer -- is unable to schedule Thorn Bearer until summer 2021. After almost a decade, I cannot imagine anyone else doing justice to the final volume of this series.  As a result, the release date is moving from June... Continue Reading →

Fortuna and The Twelve Systems Chronicles Need Votes!

It's an honor to have my books nominated, it would be even better to win an award. Please cast your votes for: Fortuna: The Apprentice, Volume 4 in the category ROMANCE/SCI-FI/FANTASY/PARANORMAL/TIME TRAVEL/FUTURISTIC The Twelve Systems Chronicles in ROMANCE/SCI-FI/FANTASY/PARANORMAL/TIME TRAVEL/FUTURISTIC-SERIES VOTE HERE! Love The Twelve Systems Chronicles? Join the conversation in Good Read's Kiss & Tell... Continue Reading →

Fortuna and The Twelve Systems Chronicles nominated for 2020 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards.

I'm absolutely thrilled that the Paranormal Romance Guild has nominated Fortuna: The Apprentice, Volume 4 for a Reviewer's Choice Award in the category ROMANCE/SCI-FI/FANTASY/PARANORMAL/TIME TRAVEL/FUTURISTIC. Even more exciting, The Twelve Systems Chronicles has been nominated in ROMANCE/SCI-FI/FANTASY/PARANORMAL/TIME TRAVEL/FUTURISTIC-SERIES! Voting runs February 6-12, so watch for the post with voting links. Fans of science fiction will... Continue Reading →

Thorn Bearer: Sneak Peek 1

The work in progress is up to 70K words. The published book will about 150K words. Until then, I glimpse into what is happening with Lilian and Lucius. This passage has not been reviewed by my editor. All errors are mine. Dazed with wonder, Lilian half listens to Lucius’ children chatter about the Nightingale’s flight. A... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Indie Romance: Magick & Chemistry

Alisa Woods writes sexy paranormal romances about alpha men and the women who love them. She firmly believes that love triumphs over all. ~ Author's website. I have sampled four of Ms. Woods' eight paranormal romance series, and while all are solid, her Legal Magick Series is by far the most creative, crossing into urban fantasy with steam. Although... Continue Reading →

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