Spotlight Indie Romance: 2022 Review #Scifi #Sciencefiction #Romance #Suspense #Cozymystery

For the final spotlight of 2022, a few favorite blog posts from the past year. In Badari Gladiators, a spin-off of her highly-rated Badari Warriors series, Veronica Scott has combined two of my favorite alpha-heroes; aliens and gladiators. And, as with all Ms. Scott's books, her heroine's do their fair sharing of rescuing and battling villains. Kyden is the top... Continue Reading →

2022 Free Book Club #ScifiRom #SFR

There are four months and four free books remaining in 2022! For all my newsletter subscribers, something special each month of 2022--an exclusive free book! The book may be available elsewhere, but not for free. Many of the contributors have appeared in Indie Romance Spotlight; Veronica Scott, Cara Bristol, Lea Kirk, Tamsin Ley, Tash Black, Tracey Cooper-Posey,... Continue Reading →

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