Spotlight Indie Romance: Cyborg Special Forces #Sciencefiction #Romance #SFR #cyborgromance

I had a hard time settling on my first spotlight for 2023. In the end, it had to be science fiction. Since I like sci-fi with a heavy dose of romantic suspense, Cara Bristol‘s Cyborg Force series hit the top of the list. One of my favorite new series of 2022, I am eagerly awaiting the release of the fourth book February 20th.

Trapped in a sandstorm, they’ll battle passion and danger…

Breeze O’Day
Windswept, sandblasted Sajave isn’t every astrogeologist’s dream assignment, but it’s been my safe zone from a dangerous past, and now I’m about to announce a game-changing discovery. But on the way to finalize my research, my hovercraft gets caught in a violent sandstorm and crashes. Unfortunately, my rescuer is Tack Grayson, an ill-mannered, bad-tempered mammoth of a man who’s made it perfectly clear saving me is a huge imposition. Well, no worries. I’ll soon be on my way to finish my top secret project, and our paths need never cross again.

Tack Grayson
If I had wanted company, I wouldn’t be living in a cabin hundreds of miles from nowhere. But I’m a cyborg with C-Force and rescuing people is what I do, even if they are idiots who should know better than to venture out in a sandstorm. Now I’m stuck with Breeze O’Day until this storm blows over.

But as I learn more about Breeze and her research, I begin to worry our association won’t end anytime soon. She’s in danger. Serious danger, and she’s going to need my help.

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Amazon * Nook * Apple * Kobo


AmazonNook * Kobo * Apple



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