InD’tale Crowned-heart for Elemental Fire! #Romance #Steamy #Suspense #Urbanfantasy #Paranormal

I am super-thrilled to have my first attempt at urban fantasy/paranormal romance, Elemental Fire, receive a crowned-heart review from InD’tale Magazine. It wasn’t until the third volume, Transgressions, that The Twelve Systems Chronicles achieved a crowned-heart. Only twenty-percent or so of all InD’tale reviews achieve the 4.5-star or 5-star rating required for the crowned-heart. With this kind of recognition, it looks like I’ll be returning to The Hidden Realms for a second volume.

Read the full review on the InD’tale website: Review

To see the review with the crowned heart, check out the Holiday Issue. Page 106.


Sin Marston is a rare human who can see through glamor. With the veil with the treaty of 2010, the magical visitors, known as the Hidden, flowed into the Terran realm. With her unique talent, Sin’s services are in demand from businesses and law enforcement with Hidden problems. She also has a growing clientele of Hidden visitors wishing to avoid confrontation with the Human Protection Society and other anti-Hidden Terrans.

After thwarting a daring art heist, Sin encounters a stunning fire elemental who reveals the theft was something very different. Everything she thought she knew changes.

Radzik Cray has lived for centuries, building his magical and political power base. The appointment as the Elders’ Council Warden for the Eastern United States comes with untold wealth and power, as well as untold danger. When he meets Sin Marston, he is interested in a pleasant distraction. Instead, he discovers that Sin is not all she appears and his control over his territory is not as absolute as he thought.

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