Spotlight Indie Romance: Stalkers, Shrinks, and Suspense #Romance #Steamy #Suspense

I love a good romantic suspense story. Lately, they all seem to feature heroes who are part of (or own) a high-powered security firm with oodles of military and quasi-military contacts.

In a pleasant change of pace, Scarlett Finn‘s Take A Risk features a former cop turned private-eye who works out of his brother’s strip club. Lyssa, a psychiatrist who specializes in sexual disfunction has picked up a stalker, but the police can’t help.

A sex therapist walks into a strip club, sounds like the set up for a bad joke. Instead it is the start of an entertaining story that nicely blends suspense, mystery, and action with serious chemistry between the MCs and some great tongue-in-cheek moments. I did find it dragged a bit in the middle, but it picks up again and finishes strong.

Trapper. Risque.

Two names is all that sex therapist Doctor Lyssa Cutler has, but it’s all she needs. Those two words reveal the name of a man and the name of the strip club that she’ll find him in. She might not have expected to find the solution to her stalker problem in such a place, but she does. In fact, Trapper turns out to be far more than just the man capable of tracking down her pursuer.

Colt Warner’s better judgement tells him that he should reject the job offered to him by the inquisitive doctor because he can tell that this sassy sexpot is going to be trouble. Being attracted to a client goes against his usual ethics, but playing by the rules has never been his strong suit.

Giving in to their sparking attraction lures reality into harsh focus. The stalker that brought them together doesn’t like the picture that the new couple presents and seems prepared to do anything to tear them apart.

Questions mount up, answers are allusive, and only one thing is clear, time is running out.

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