Sneak Peek: Elemental Fire #Romance #Suspense #Paranormal #Steamy #UrbanFantasy

I’m so excited. Thanks to references from some author friends I was able to line up development and copy editors.

Release date: October 11, 2022!

Elle J Rossi of Evernight Designs has done a smashing job on the cover!

***Unedited excerpt. All grammar and punctuation errors are mine.***

I huddle into my jacket against the sharp wind. Winter is approaching fast. I wonder if Rad was serious about Tahiti. I’m half a block from my building when a heavy hand lands on my shoulder with a shock of power. My fingers close on the Ruger as gray fog envelopes me. Without Rad’s burnt sugar scent and warm body, the disorienting whirlwind ride is ice-cold and bitter scented. Even if I was certain of my aim, I don’t dare shoot my kidnapper and risk being set adrift. Sheets of purple shatter the gray, my heels hitting stone so hard my teeth rattle. I stumble free, the gun low by my thigh, blinking in the dim light. The heavy stone walls hold torches that cast a flickering light in a narrow hallway. If there are windows, they are either covered, or it’s so dark there’s no light outside.

Backing up to the wall, I assess my kidnapper. Almost seven feet and near twice as wide as Rad. Dark gray with tusks. Troll. Between his leather armor and scaly flesh, my Ruger can hurt him, but I’m not sure I can kill him. Though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil. The fragment of prayer steadies me. “What do you want?”

He motions toward a door at the end of the hall. “That way.”

“Not an answer.”

His lips pull back from his tusks. “That. Way.”

His power print dull and cold, not near the strength of Rad’s, but discernable. He has the brow ridges of a high-caste troll, but there’s not a hint of gold on his tusks. Soldier from a power family? There’s a door behind the troll. If I shoot him, it might slow him enough to get past him, but there’s no way to know if it’s unlocked or where it might take me. With no way to get home, I can only go forward hoping that the fact that I’m not dead is a good sign.

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