Thorn Bearer 2022 RONE Finalist! #SFR #SciFiRomance #Scifi

Thorn Bearer made it into the Finalist Round for a 2022 RONE! THANK YOU for all the votes!

Lilian is a heroine that every reader can love and cheer for . . . In this finale, everything that has made the series so addicting comes to a head. . . The story is intelligent and the world building is intricate and believable. The characters jump right off the page with depth, flaws, and nuances that make the reading a truly enjoyable experience. ~InD’tale

Four years ago, Lilian left the First System ruined, indentured, and in peril of execution. Now as the Nightingale flies toward the Thirteenth System, she returns to the glittering spires of Pinnacle City, triumphant and soon to be consort to the ruthless and powerful Lucius Mercio. With her dreams within reach, she discovers disturbing clues to the identities of the Despoilers, a vile sect bent on returning the Twelve Systems to bloody anarchy. Beset by ominous prophecy and dire Guild revelations, Lilian must set aside her desires to accept a thorn bearer’s duty—a quest to uncover the leaders of these ancient adversaries of order.

With his cartouche and cartel weakened by his kinsman’s betrayal, Lucius must let Lilian complete her quest alone. Resolved to protect her from afar, Lucius will utilize every resource at his command. But even his considerable shadow may be too small to save her from a web of deceit and corruption that exceeds their worst imaginings. With their enemy’s reach far greater than they feared, Lucius must race to forge new alliances and exploit old ones before the Despoilers lay waste to the Twelve Systems.

In the uncharted expanse of the Thirteenth System, Lucius and Lilian will risk all to defeat the forces of darkness.

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3 thoughts on “Thorn Bearer 2022 RONE Finalist! #SFR #SciFiRomance #Scifi

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  1. Congrats !!! I love the Twelve Systems and please keep on writing – this world you created is my favorite with believable characters one can identify with, suffer with and admire, with a devious and intricate plot, vivid and colorful scenario —
    so I keep re-reading these books, I am addicted, I can‘t get enough. Please, please write more sequels. Perhaps can find in your heart and your fertile imagination more stories about Lilian, Lucius and the new generation discovering new worlds…
    Stay safe, stay healthy
    Vera from Germany

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I plan to start on a new story from Lilian’s universe as soon as I get Elemental Fire off to an editor. July/August time frame.


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