Sneak Peek: Elemental Fire #Romance #Suspense #Paranormal #Steamy #UrbanFantasy

Progress continues, I’m hoping to have a complete draft by the end of June. For now a little peek.

Working Blurb:  Sin Marston is one of the rare humans who can see through glamor.  When the hidden came out of the veil with the treaty of 2010, the magical visitors flowed into the Terran realm, both the good and the bad.  Through her private security firm, Sin helps law enforcement with hidden problems and hidden visitors who wish to avoid falling afoul of confusing Terran law and custom.  Business is booming, and she has almost paid off her student loans when a chance encounter with a stunning fire elemental reveals the daring art heist she thwarted was something very different. 

Rad’s chuckle is a deep rumble. His knee slides between mine, pushing my skirt up my thighs until he reaches the apex. The pressure is exquisite and not enough. His wicked, sexy smile is back.

“Will you come to my bed?”

It’s barely been six hours, but it feels like  longer. “Yes.”

His delighted smile sends my heart thumping. I’m in his arms, being swept down the hall and into the mastersuite. I would have expected a Fire Lord to decorate his bedroom with red, gold, and orange. Instead, it runs to blues and sand with only a few fiery-toned accents. It also runs to comfort. The bed is a California King; the cloud-soft duvet is an outrageously high thread count cotton that feels like silk when he sets me down. 
In the time it takes Rad to shrug out of his vest, I’ve got my boots off and skirt unzipped. His eyes glow with amber fire as he rakes me with his gaze. He cups my breasts, thumbs teasing the tips through my camisole. His chest is magnificent, all hard planes and warm muscles. A hard ridge presses against his leather pants. The sharp scrape of fang has my eyes rolling back. 

My phone rings out from the living room. “Blast it all.”

Rad’s fingers stop unfastening his pants. “What?”

“Not you.” I pull up the zipper. “That ringtone is HRAC.”

He follows me, eyebrows slashing up the caller id. “Boston Pooh-bah?”

Cold water could not be more effective in dousing my mood. “HRAC Boston Council Chief. I need to answer.”

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