Spotlight Indie Romance: Deep Space Voyagers #SFR #Scifiromance #spaceopera

Imaginative space faring vessels that can cross the galaxy at faster than light speed (FTL) are a staple of science fiction and space opera. But what if the colonists don’t have FTL? It will take generations to make the voyage. Such is the premise of Tracy Cooper-Posey‘s The Endurance series. Each book follows a couple as the Endurance makes a thousand year voyage to a distant world.

The first book, Greyson’s Doom opens when the Endurance has been in space for over a century. The world building is beyond imaginative, the technical/science bits sufficient to support the premise without bogging down the narrative. The character development is a bit thin, but that is corrected in the second volume, Yesterday’s Legacy. Marlow and Jonah a couple that had me cheering for an HEA from the start. Bonus points that the couple is over forty.

The AI declares Greyson is going to die and he must train his replacement.

Captain Greyson Durant has been in the job for three months, the youngest captain to ever lead the Endurance, when he is assigned to mentor the even younger Emmaline Victore, who resents the disruption to her life and Grey, too…but the longevity of the Endurance depends on them finding a way to work together.

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Only Jonah has the potential to save the Endurance.

Tightening food rations, cramped living quarters, unhappy and frustrated citizens. Life on the Endurance is unravelling fast. It is Marlow Fitzgerald’s job to maintain peace, including containing trouble-makers like Jonah Solomon, the radical thinker and society drop-out who just might be able to save the ship…if only she could believe him.

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