Book Signing! #ScifiRomance #SFR #Suspense #Spaceopera #Romance #Steamy

I’m so excited to be able to attend in-person book fairs and conventions again! June 6th, I’ll be at the Flirty in Tampa Book Convention. Formerly, Tampa Indie Author Book Convention, 80+ authors across romance subgenres are committed to attending. Held at the Hyatt House Tampa Airport / Westshore, the signing will be from 1p – 4p. General admission is FREE!

There is a VIP option that includes a VIP bag with multi author swag and early entrance at noon. More details are available on the registration page: register.


Purchase 3 or more at the convention or pre-order and receive an additional 10% discount!

Purchase the entire set and receive a special gift!

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4 thoughts on “Book Signing! #ScifiRomance #SFR #Suspense #Spaceopera #Romance #Steamy

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  1. I loved your 12 System Chronicles – got the first one free and was hooked and impatient to see where the story goes so I got all the following books – please do tell whether you intend to continue the series, I would hate it the chronicles go no further…

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    1. Hi Vera, I’m so glad you enjoyed The Twelve Systems Chronicles. I’m still planning a series of a series of stand alone books about Lilian’s consortium friends. Chrys will be the first, and hopefully release early 2023.

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