Work-in-Progress Update #UrbanFantasy #PNR #Romance #Suspense #Steamy

After a decade devoted to The Twelve Systems Chronicles, I’m trying something new: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Romance.   

Working Title: Elemental Fire

Working Blurb:  Sin Marchant is one of the rare humans who can see through glamor.  When the hidden came out of the veil with the treaty of 2010, the magical visitors flowed into the Terran realm, both the good and the bad.  Through her private security firm, Sin helps law enforcement with hidden problems and hidden visitors who wish to avoid falling afoul of confusing Terran law and custom.  Business is booming, and she has almost paid off her student loans when a chance encounter with a stunning fire elemental reveals the daring art heist she thwarted was something very different. 

Estimated Publication: August 2022

For those eager for news of The Twelve Systems, I’ll be starting on Chrys’ story after Elemental Fire is done.

Sipping my drink, I scan the costume party. A figure in a horned helmet, sleeveless vest, and snug leather pants catches my attention. Or more accurately, sets my hormones roaring. “Who’s the Viking?”

“My next-door neighbor. He is kind of hot in a Ryan Gosling sort of way.”

I snort single malt.

Serena rubs my back. “Spill it, Sin. What do you see?”

“The only thing he has in common with Ryan Gosling is that they are both six feet tall. Your neighbor is crimson, with black eyes, fangs, and a cut body that would shame Henry Cavill at his Witcher best.”

“A demon? My next-door neighbor is a demon?”

“Not a demon. The hidden aren’t of heaven or hell. Half of them don’t believe in either.”

“Tell that to the Human Protection Society.”

“My Uncle Gus is card-carrying member of the HPS, which tells you how much I value their opinions.” Ever since the hidden came out of the veil, there have been humans convinced they are all satanic minions. It doesn’t help that in negotiating The Veil Treaty, the elders defined their populace as creatures of the hidden realms. I take another drink. “He’s not an elf. Handsome but rugged, not pretty like the elves. I’m not sure what he is.  How long has he been your neighbor?”

Serena taps the side of her glass with one perfect fingernail. “August? Before Labor Day but after the Fourth of July. Quiet. Polite.”

“Introduce me.”

I get the side-eye. “I thought you liked the clean-cut Captain America type.”

I thought I did, too, but given my reaction to tall, red, and sexy, I was mistaken. Crap. Have my family’s expectations screwed me up more than I realized? I’ll work that out later. “I’m curious. I’ve never seen anything like him.”

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