2022 Free Book Club for Red Gems Subscribers #ScifiRom #SFR

For all my newsletter subscribers, something special each month of 2022–an exclusive free book! The book may be available elsewhere, but not for free. The contributors include several who have appeared in Indie Romance Spotlight; Veronica Scott, Cara Bristol, Lea Kirk, and Tasha Black. Those who haven’t been in the spotlight may well be before 2022 ends. 

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Which author will provide each month’s book will remain a surprise.

Cara Bristol

Tracy Cooper-Posey 

Nancey Cummings

Candice Gilmer

Lea Kirk

Tamsin Ley

E.G. Manetti

Skye MacKinnon

Sue Mercury (Lyndon)

Veronica Scott

Susan Smith

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2 thoughts on “2022 Free Book Club for Red Gems Subscribers #ScifiRom #SFR

Add yours

  1. Dear Ms Manetti, is there going to be more books in 12 System Chronicles?
    I am surely not the only fan of yours who hopes you shall write some more books in this series about adventures in the new system, about the fate of the children of the main protagonists, their friends and siblings.
    Wishing you merry and happy holiday season, stay healthy and please, please keep on writing


    1. Hi Vera,
      Happy holidays. I took a break from writing for 4th quarter. Finishing a 10 book epic left me a bit wiped out. In the new year I plan to start a set of stand alone titles that tie up the stories of Lilian’s consortium friends. I expect these will be novella length and relatively quick to produce. They will serve to bridge the time it takes for Elysia and Katleen to reach adulthood and be ready for their stories. Marco is one of my favorite characters and I’d like to give him an HEA as well.


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