Spotlight Indie Romance: 2021 RONE Finalists ~ Fantasy #Steamy #Romance #Fantasy #Fae

Fae and wizards. Magic and war. Fickle gods and hidden enemies. All challenge romance and love.

Welcome to Bramble’s Edge Academy. a university where Fae hone their elemental powers. Sounds exactly like what a powerful being needs, right?

If only things were that simple. Like many over the past decade, Ryker has no desire to attend Bramble’s Edge Academy and fights when the Collectors come to take him to the school. His escape attempt ends in disaster, leaving him incapacitated in the middle of the quad with battered wings and an unwanted attraction to Maurelle.

The sexy female comes with more than he can afford. Too much negative attention. And a smile that makes him forget his name.

Ryker reluctantly develops a friendship with Maurelle after they are repeatedly thrown together. While attending classes and trying to keep their heads down, the pair discovers a plot to poison the students, as well as the Headmistress’s secret group of assassins.

With their friends’ lives on the line, they sneak into the Edge and unearth the fact that he’s the heir to the Fae throne. Nothing like adding complications to their already precarious situation.

Dangers rise, leaving Ryker with the decision of whether or not to reveal he survived the murder of his parents decades ago. Problem is the fallout will bring more casualties than he can live with.

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Being Chosen by the Gods doesn’t mean much when the Gods have abandoned you.

Jordan was raised to save his people from the war to come. All his life he trained to take down the rebel army of demigods and demons foretold to tear the middle realm of Terath to pieces in their determination to destroy the Gods.

Now, the war is finally here. But everything that made Jordan special has been stripped away from him—his prophetic ability to hear the Gods in Their creation, his leadership over his people, even his faith.

As the rebels send a new threat to take down Jordan and the people of Haven—the most powerful wizard of all the ages—Jordan has never felt more lost. So when the golem who served as Jordan’s only friend and childhood protector disappears, Jordan sets out to fix at least one thing in this dark, broken world—even if it means breaking into the Gods’ home and hunting Them down—and bring back a soul for Adem.

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Clíodhna has three children and a missing husband, and now finds herself in the middle of growing quarrels with the new church.

When she encounters a strange man in the woods near her house, she discovers a kindred soul, someone to teach her to harness her own innate talents and powers.

At the new church, she develops a friendship with one of the monks, and shares many conversations with him about life, philosophy, and theology. For once, it seems her life is becoming a thing to be savored rather than a thing to simply survive.

Her new teacher, however, clashes with the ideals of the church. Her relationship with the monk is another source of conflict when a new church leader arrives.

A few rash decisions means she must now change her own fate. That means choosing between her happiness—perhaps even her life—and her family. It might be better for all involved if she leaves her children with a trusted friend and disappears into another world.

Can she flee a bad situation, leaving her children to the mercies of fate? Or does she have the power and ability to face the danger herself?

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