Spotlight Indie Romance: 2021 RONE Finalists ~ Historical Scottish #Steamy #Romance #Historicalromance

Men in kilts, swords and castles, a little whisky and a lot of romance.

Five lessons in pleasure. One lesson in love.

Fraser MacGregor, thirteenth Duke Molineux, seizes the opportunity to use the title he unexpectedly inherited, to further his whisky business. He leaves his Highland home and heads for London where he’s accosted by a feisty lass, who smashes a vase over his head.

Delilah Hart should be relishing her first London season. But she’d rather be a writer than a bland society wife. Her secret occupation of writing anonymous, inflammatory articles about the notorious Molineux family, is the first step to realizing her dream.

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They’ll never marry. Not again, anyway. Or so they thought…

Highlander Graeme Kennedy has no intention of finding another wife. He’s perfectly content to focus his energy on becoming the best laird Killeaggain Tower has ever known. But then a beautiful and fiercely independent governess arrives and forces him to question everything…

All widow Berget Jonston wants is her freedom. She refuses to be manipulated into yet another loveless, arranged marriage. Escaping to the Highlands was her only option. She just never expected to encounter the intimidating and brawny Graeme in her new home—a man who affects her as no one ever has…

If Graeme and Berget have any hope of overcoming their painful pasts—and the threats that have followed Berget to Scotland—they’ll need to rely on each other…and on their newfound love. But when all is said and done, will their passion be enough to ensure them a happily ever after?

Though this book can easily be read as a stand-alone, most readers prefer to read the series in order.

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She needs his protection to escort her to the Highlands. But where she wants him to take her is to his enemy’s territory. It’s a dangerous game she plays. How much are they both willing to risk for love?

The Sassenach:

Lady Rhoswen Asquith accompanies her father and siblings on a journey to the Highlands, setting out on a very important and dangerous mission. The plan is to save her baby nephew from her late sister’s murderous husband, Ranulph Drummond. Unfortunately, her English escorts have just been attacked and killed by bandits and her father is left for dead. With the only item they had to barter for her nephew’s return now stolen, she and her siblings are left without escorts and stranded on the wrong side of the border.

The Highlander:

Logan MacKeefe travels with his pet wolf at his side, and his sword in his hand. But today he’s been thrown out of the Horn and Hoof Tavern in Glasgow because his wolf has stolen a chicken right out of old Callum MacKeefe’s soup pot. Wanting a few minutes of peace and quiet, he bathes in the bay and suns himself on a rock to dry. It isn’t long before he is disturbed by a bonnie lassie atop a horse that comes crashing through the thicket, heading right toward the water.

She’s a Sassenach who begs him to help her dying father. Never able to turn away a lassie in distress, Logan agrees, becoming the protector of Rhoswen and her younger siblings. But when her father dies, Logan finds himself in the middle of a harrowing situation, since where she wants him to take her is to his enemy’s den.

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Ten years ago, Bess Mowatt promised to guard her newborn cousin from his father, Aleck Maxwell. Called the Reiver Wolf, Maxwell is the scourge of the Scottish marches, and no fit guardian for a child. But when the keep where Bess and the boy live suddenly comes under Maxwell’s protection, she has nowhere to hide.

Aleck doesn’t quite believe the tale he was told, that his son died at birth. His head tells him one thing, and his heart another. While protecting the keep from marauders, he makes a connection with Bess’s young charge. But Bess stands in the way, a woman who is also a warrior, a protector who needs his protection. Can he persuade this fiery woman to accept his help? Will a lie told long ago stand in the way of their love?

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Two rebellious souls… An innocent deception… One scorching catastrophe…

Fenella Franklin is too tall, too intelligent, and has no title. Her talents lie in numbers and a keen business mind, not in the art of flirtation. When she becomes the object of a cruel wager during her come-out in London, she vows to put off the penniless noblemen vying for her sizeable dowry. But her season is cut short after her mother discovers the subterfuge, and Fenella retreats to Scotland.

Lachlan MacNaughton has neither the temperament nor the patience to be the next MacNaughton chief, preferring to knock heads together rather than placate bickering clansmen. He readily accepts a reprieve to help with the family’s textile mill in Glasgow. A sizzling chance encounter in the rain introduces him to the new female bookkeeper. His grandfather may want him back in the Highlands, but his heart has been lost in the Lowlands.

The attraction between Fenella and Lachlan sparks a passion not even two rebellious souls can deny.

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