Thorn Bearer Excerpt! #SFR #SCIFIROM #SCIFI

The epic conclusion of the Twelve Systems Chronicles!

Release date: September 21, 2021!

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Only a month before Thorn Bearer releases! The three part epic conclusion to the Twelve Systems Chronicles resolves a number of mysteries and revisits some of the series’ most villainous characters.

Honor endures.

Lilian’s toes barely touch the tile as she dangles, helpless, from the ring, her mind overwhelmed with shock at Monsignor Sebastian’s presence. The governor’s presence and interference indicate that Lilian’s is not to be a routine correction.

“Damocles, full force. She is to bleed.” Sebastian Mehta’s tone drips foul anticipation.

White fire rips across Lilian’s right shoulder, ignites her back, and finds its home above her left hip.

Gariten’s maniacal laugh follows the next strike. “Obey me.”

Lungs burning, Lilian stares into the dark stellar transport chamber. A dream. Naught but a dream. She pulls her thorn from beneath her pillow, taking comfort in the familiar shape and weight. With her free hand, she reaches for the water vial. The tepid liquid soothes her dry mouth, bringing her fully awake. She has not revisited the horror of her scouring since Sebastian was toppled from preeminence and banished. The coming confrontation accounts for that dark echo. Gariten’s appearance is no doubt due to her mother’s revelation.

Pushing aside the coverlet, she rises as her slate begins to chirp. If she hastens, she can work Adelaide’s forms before she must freshen and don combat garb.  Within three bells, Adelaide’s Thorn Bearer and wraith will confront Sebastian Mehta.  


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Amazon * Nook * Apple * Kobo


AmazonNook * Kobo * Apple

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