Thorn Bearer: Sneak Peek 4 #SFR #Scifibooks

The first draft of the manuscript went in for development review 5/31. It totaled 171K words, so there will be cuts. I suspect the following will be one of them. 

Cesare follows the scent of cinnamon into kitchens humming with morning meal preparations. The pastry is within his grasp when a wooden spoon sets his knuckles screaming.

The pastry chef does not turn from his task. “Those are for Monsignor and his family. Servitor fare is by the foodkeeper.”

“But I am family.”

The chef turns, face dropping in horror. And then he is on his knees. “Forgive me my liege. I thought you one of the staff. I have a family.”

Sucking his wounded knuckles Cesare is shocked by the man’s groveling. “Peace. Get up. It is naught. I should have announced my presence.” He grabs the roll. “What is your name?”

The trembling man rises. “Millar, my liege, I am Millar.”

“Mr. Millar, my father, Monsignor Lucius, is liege. I am addressed as Master Cesare.” Taking a bite, Cesare considers texture, flavor, and sweetness. “Delicious.” He collects four more rolls in a napkin. “These are excellent.”

Making his way to the riser, he wonders if should speak to father about the chef’s fearful reaction. Mayhap Marco would be better, he had charge of hiring the staff. 

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