Spotlight Indie Romance: Dark Fae & Mafia Vampires #Pnr #Urbanfantasy

The genre mashups continue with more and more creativity. In the words of InD’tale, Rebecca Rivard’s dark paranormal romances are, “Primally exciting, sexy and downright fun.

I found The Fada creative with an enjoyable blend of trope favorites and enough twists and edge to be interesting. The newer, Vampire Syndicate Series has a bit too much new adult angst for my taste, but overall the two books currently published have been well received. With the first books in both series priced at 99c, they are well worth a look.

The Fada.
Shapeshifters created during Dionysus’s infamous bacchanals from a mix of fae, human and animal genes. They’re ruthless, untamed—but when they love, it’s forever.

Seducing the Sun Fae

A dark shifter alpha. A glittering fae queen. A game of seduction that only one can win…

Dion, alpha of a shapeshifting river fada clan, has had enough. The sun fae queen has seduced several of his best warriors, leaving them fit for little but fishing and drinking wine, and draining life-energy from all his people in the process. Then comes the final straw—she ensnares his youngest brother. It’s time to turn the tables on the shallow, pleasure-loving queen.

Cleia is a two-hundred-year-old fae whose powerful glamour gets her any man she wants. But she’s bored. She wants something more—and the river fada men have it. So when she meets the big, untamed river alpha, she sets out to seduce him, even though something whispers this man is dangerous. She all but orders him to her bed.

That’s just what Dion is counting on…

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The Vampire Syndicate Series

They call us the Dark Angels: Gabriel, Zaquiel and Rafael. We’re brothers. Princes. Billionaires. The richer-than-sin heirs to one of the world’s most powerful vampire Syndicates.

But we’re not vampires, we’re dhampirs. Half-human, half-vampire, with panty-melting good looks. The media love us. Vampires hate us. And Slayers, Inc. will do anything to take us down.

I knew Gabriel was dangerous, the eldest son and heir to a Syndicate Primus. You think a Mafia don is scary? You should meet Gabriel’s father. But I thought I could play with fire without being burned. Now I’m on the run from the Syndicate. Hungry, alone. Not knowing who to trust.
Until the night the vampires hunt me down…

I let Mila run from me once. Now she’s back—right when all hell breaks loose in the Syndicate. Yeah, I’m suspicious. I know she’s keeping secrets from me. But this time, I have the upper hand. Mila’s mine now. Bound to me by a blood oath that only I can break. I’ll never let her leave.

A steamy second-chance, forbidden lovers paranormal romance.

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