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Jasmine Silvera may have one of the best author taglines ever: Stories about things that go bump in the night, including headboards. Her urban fantasy romances can be classed with paranormal romance, but the urban fantasy world building and plot lines drives the narrative more than the intense romances.

Interestingly, although the second series in publication chronology, Tooth and Spell begins before Grace Bloods in the alternate reality Prague of the 1990s. Both series feature the Vogel family siblings, a brilliant and quirky set of magical and magic using humans attempting to survive in a world ruled by ruthless necromancers and can be read in chronological or publication order.

In a nice change up on the trope, Isela, the heroine of the first volume of Grace Bloods is a fearless practitioner of her magic while her older brother (hero of Binding Shaddows is a brilliant and socially awkward geek frightened of his magic.

Both series are perfect for readers who want to dive into a rich and well crafted world with unique and flawed characters, riveting plots, and some banging headboards.

Grace Bloods: Volume 1

Isela Vogel has the power to attract the favor of the gods for anyone who can pay her fee but struggles to hide the degenerative hip condition that will end her career. Then she’s offered a job that will set her and her family up for life. Though her prospective patron is a formidable necromancer with a heated and infuriating gaze, she can hardly refuse the payday.

The Allegiance of Necromancers is powerful but not omnipotent, and when someone starts murdering his kind, Azrael must enlist a human in order to track down the killer. But why does she have to be so frustratingly stubborn–and intriguing? Azrael can make the dead walk, but he can’t make the very much alive Isela toe any line.

Isela is thrown into a world of supernatural creatures–demons after dark, witches in the shadows, shifters running wild in city parks–where the grace of gods can truly infuse the blood of the most mortal-seeming dancer. As the danger increases with each thrilling discovery, trusting Azrael may be the only way to survive a conspiracy to destroy the fragile peace of a broken world.

But the greatest threat is their growing attraction. Dancers and necromancers don’t mix for a reason–it turns out there are fates worse than death.

Journey to the magical streets of Prague in an alternate present-day supernatural thriller for lovers of romantic urban fantasy.

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Tooth and Spell: Volume 1

There are two rules: find a way to use your magic and never reveal it to anyone.

Hunting down lost books is more than a job, it’s a way for Barbara to conceal her powers in the mundane world of the university library. One misstep and she risks exposure to ruthless necromancers willing to destroy anything supernatural they cannot control. But when the prickly new professor in charge of her latest assignment proves more than he seems, rules and reason are no match for her growing fascination.

After years of battling to cage the beast within him, Tobias returns to Prague and the safety of his pack of brothers. Unfortunately, his new job handling a collection of rare editions comes with a research assistant irresistible to both beast and man. Revealing his secret could endanger his entire family and he refuses to risk passing on the curse in his blood.

When the discovery of an enchanted book of spells triggers unpredictable surges in Barbara’s magic, unleashing the beast within himself may be the only way to free her. Trapped between a witch and a necromancer, they must survive a perilous reckoning with the past, or neither will have a future.

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