Thorn Bearer: Sneak Peek 2

My wonderful editor — who has been with The Twelve Systems Chronicles from The Cartel through Shield Bearer — is unable to schedule Thorn Bearer until summer 2021. After almost a decade, I cannot imagine anyone else doing justice to the final volume of this series.  As a result, the release date is moving from June 2021 to October 2021.  

There is always the possibility that her schedule will open up sooner.  I will continue to push to finish the Thorn Bearer manuscript as soon as possible, so it will be ready and waiting if there is an opportunity to move up the release date. 

Lucius stalks through the commerce center seeking his quarry.  The familiar dark red warrior’s queue trails down a jacket of the pale, slate-blue suit he gifted to Lilian with after their reconciliation the dry season gone. It is one he favors, but if she seeks to mollify him, it will require a great deal more.

She turns at his approach, her expression turning wary at his expression. “Monsignor?”

“With me.”

The small conference chamber has no window. The three occupying it vacate without a word.  Not bothering with a chair, he braces against the table and pulls her between his legs. Her gray eyes are dull and shadowed.  “Chin voices you are unwell.”

Her spine stiffens and her eyes drop. “It is but stellar malaise. It will be well in a few days.”

He grips her chin to tilt her gaze to his. “And dreams evil enough that you requested a potion? Her mouth opens and his temper flares. “Deny it not. It is ill enough that you must be absent from my bed.  Now you avoid meals. We have had naught but public discourse since yesterday morn. I must learn from Chin that something is amiss.”

Her shoulders slump, lines of stress at her mouth and eyes. “It is not  . . . I.” She takes a deep breath. “I am out of sorts. I lack appetite and my mind is slow.” Her gray eyes hold determination. “When I am with you all I wish is to crawl into your embrace and cling.  It is not fair to you.”

Demon shit. He drags her close, pressing her head onto his shoulder. “Dear heart. How could you imagine it? Have you need of my embrace, that is where you belong.” 

Her lithe form trembles. Her arms slip around his waist as she settles more firmly against him. He strokes soothing circles in her back. “I had no notion. Do you believe me so meager?” Her mumbled reply is lost in his collar. He presses his lips to her head. “Tell me of your dreams.”

“It is the same as it has been for the past sevenday. My protocol review.” It is as he feared. Their transit to the First System is awakening the trauma of her last visit.

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