Spotlight Indie Romance: Holidays

I cannot resist holiday romances. I cannot resist holiday romances. Here is a selection of a few of my favorites including sexy shifters, confused aliens, and determined cowboys.

Tasha Black’s collection of holiday novella’s that feature magic, shifters, suspense, humor, and lots of smexy.

This bundle of goodies features a sack full of cozy Christmas romances, starring a batch of hunky shifters that just might get you on the naughty list!

Time to celebrate with these five fan-favorite shifter romances, each with its own magical Christmas twist. Offered here in one handy volume, to help make Santa’s job a little easier:

Bake This!
-Will this sexy shifter be able to resist the holiday magic?
Bear This!
-She shows up with a magical secret, but this fireman burns for something more.
Charm This!
-This lone wolf is ready to turn on the charm.
The Clockwork Dragon
-A dragon’s fire can melt the coldest heart.
Ghost of Shifters Past
-A spirit from the past. A love for the future.

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A laugh out loud favorite from 2019!

He wanted to spend Christmas with the girl of his dreams—but never dreamt they’d spend it in space!

Buddy never meant to stow away on an alien warship. He just wanted to surprise Nika, the girl of his dreams, with a holiday dinner she’d never forget. But now, he’s stuck aboard the Reckoning with his dog, of all things, headed to a star system far from Earth and the Christmas dinner where he planned to introduce Nika to his family.

Nika has enough on her plate building colonies, dome worlds, and space stations in the Sol system—all without Earth’s governments detecting their presence. With a war going on throughout the galaxy, it’s up to her to create sanctuaries for sentients who have lost their homeworlds. When she’s called aboard the Reckoning to track down odd system errors—and pulled from a holiday dinner with Buddy—she knows something’s gone very wrong. It goes from bad to worse when she finds Buddy and his dog on board.

Now, they have to work together to figure out how to fix the ship for good, keep Buddy and his dog hidden, and forge an alliance with a planet full of super strong warriors with impulse control issues. For a galaxy at war, can a chef, his dog, and a little holiday four-part-harmony pave the way to peace?

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Who doesn’t love a cowboy for Christmas?

Cowboy firefighter, Cole Hatcher, is determined to do what’s right and take his fiancé with him to his mother’s annual holiday dinner party. After all, the two most important ladies in his life need to learn to get along and the sooner the better. Besides, the rest of the family will be there.

Lacey Winters can’t forgive her future mother-in-law for keeping them apart for eight years. While she loves Cole’s family, including the five they are living with, “Racy Lacey” wants to spend Christmas alone with Cole, preferably in her sexy Christmas present for him.

But there are worse things brewing than family drama. This Christmas day, nothing goes as planned…for anyone.

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