Spotlight Indie Romance: Aliens Love Women in Uniform

Aliens need brides is a popular Science Fiction Romance Trope. In a pleasant spin on the trope, Mina Carter’s Warriors of Lathar attempt to claim trained military women as mates. It does not go as expected.

First contact isn’t quite what she expected… Nor was losing her heart.

When Cat Moore’s base is attacked by unknown aliens, she finds herself in the sights of their leader, Tarrick. An alien invasion means earth is in danger and the women of Sentinel Five are the only line of defense…

But it’s hard to remember what she’s fighting against when her sexy alien lover has a thing about making sure her every need is met… and has some very inventive ways of doing so. Until she gives him a bad case of mating marks and all bets are off.

Exploration yields an unexpected bounty…and a chance at love.

Tarrick’s duty to the Latharian Empire means little time for himself. Thanks to a genetic plague, the lathar have no females of their own, so a base full of human women is a bounty he can’t ignore. Nor can he ignore the little human who defies him at every step.

Then a dangerous rival challenges the K’Vass claim on Terran space and all its women. Tarrick can’t afford to let any of the earth women be captured, especially not his little human, Cat.

When she is taken from him, he’ll do anything to rescue her. Up to and including starting an intergalactic war…

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Amazon * Nook * Kobo * Apple

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