Spotlight Indie Romance: 2020 RONE Finalists ~ Historical: Ancient to 18th Century

Knights and ladies, highlanders and healers.

1208 A.D. – Sir Cullen de Nerra is a knight’s knight. The son of the Sheriff of Hampshire, Val de Nerra (Vestiges of Valor), Cullen has been heavily involved in the politics of William Marshal for many years, but never more involved than when The Marshal gifts his services to a powerful, but unpredictable, warlord, Preston de Lacy.

Lady Teodora “Teddy” de Rivington. Teddy had been betrothed to Preston’s nephew until the lad got himself killed. Now, as a matter of gaining the de Rivington fortune, Preston assumes the betrothal and marries Teddy. With Teddy’s father greatly loyal to King John, Preston is only concerned with using his new wife against her father, but Teddy’s father is pleased for the same reason – using his daughter to gain information on the king’s enemies.

As a lonely knight and a lonely lady are drawn together by circumstances beyond their control, the situation explodes. It’s a race against time for Cullen to return to the woman he loves and save her from the king, her father, and her own husband. In the beginning of their love affair, he promised to always love her, to always protect her, and to always be faithful to her. He intends to fulfill that promise… or die trying.

US$3.99 Or KU

Known as a gossip and for never being able to keep a secret, Morag Douglas longs to change her reputation. She strives to do great things like her sister and cousins, and desires to be a true member of the Followers of the Secret Heart. Then an opportunity arises for her to be mentored in this secret group of strong women. But when she meets up with the mysterious knight, Sir Bedivere, her plans go astray.

Sir Bedivere Hamilton arrives at Rothbury Castle harboring a dark secret. He is an assassin with one more job to do before his debt will be paid. But when his last mission directly involves Morag, a woman who has taken his interest, he must make a choice that could change both their lives forever.

Can a woman who has everything to prove help save a man from making the biggest mistake of his life? And will a man with a debt to pay commit treason to protect the woman he loves?

US$3.99 or KU

A lifesaving antidote grows as a rare rose on an isle full of faerie lore. Healer Ursula Fraser won’t risk delivering her best friend’s twins without it, but first she’ll need a guide and a miracle.

Both come in the form of battle-scarred laird Alasdair MacLeod, a Highlander who seeks to avenge his father’s death and claim the title, Lord of the Isles. He requires an heir, not a wife. But when he offers her his guidance, he also offers her his bed and a bargain.

Insulted, but fearless, Ursula expects she’ll triumph without sacrifice until Alasdair takes a potion of accidental attraction and she’s certain he’s confusing love with infatuation. Even when he risks all to save her from the murderous MacDonalds, is her price too high for him to pay?

Will this Highlander who harbors a family secret keep her from returning to Fyvie Castle in time for the twins’ delivery? Or will a faerie prophecy filled with magic and a roll of the dice settle all the scores?

US$3.99 or KU

A Highlander’s duty….

A summons from court could be a dangerous thing especially for Graham MacCoinnich. He says what he thinks, and his clan’s treasonous rumblings coupled with their risky alliances cast both kith and kin in a dubious light. But King William’s order turns out to be anything but dire.

Surprising? Yes. Enticing? Without a doubt. The exquisite Lady Mercy Claxton, most cherished goddaughter of the king, requires a protective escort through Scotland and Graham is happy to offer his services.

99c or KU

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