Shield Bearer: Sneak Peek 2

Shield Bearer: Thornraven, Volume 2  begins development edits in July.   While we wait for my editor, here is a sneak peek.

Lucius taps his slate, authorizing Commandant Sheila to assign the Troy relief troops to the crevasse and refinery. With over half the Desperation militia yet to be cleared for duty, the addition of two score militia is a gift from the shades. The sound of the bedchamber door has him setting aside his slate.

Lilian is delectable in teal shot with gold and silver. The raw silk drops from her left shoulder to her waist in draped folds that hug her torso before flaring in narrow pleats that tease her ankles. Her dark red hair is gathered atop her head and secured ruby and vistrite combs. The gold wired sheath for her thorn rides the glittering warbelt, small gold studs grace her ears.

Lucius cannot resist. Setting his hands to Lilian’s shoulders, he suckles one prim gold post, his fingers finding the mark of Serengeti. She shivers under his teasing, leaning into him, her fingers sliding along his waist, seeking a way past his tightly fitted, jacket. Although he finds the formal wear constricting, it is well that it halts their embrace. Disentangling Lilian’s fingers, he steps back to gaze into gray eyes gone dark and slumberous. “Later. For the moment we have duty to attend.”

“Yes, monsignor.”

Escorting her to the door, he notes that while the gown leaves one shoulder bare, it is not a backless enticement. “I note that you don almost an entire gown.” 

Lips twitching, she ducks her head. “Mon-your presence was not anticipated when I commissioned this gown.”

Laughing, he caresses a silk encased buttock seeking the slight shift in fabric that denotes Lilian’s lingerie.

“Teal as well?”

“Monsignor is welcome to discover the answer.”

The riser doors close before Lucius realizes his circumspect protégé has invited him to lift her skirt.

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