Bond Proof 2020 RONE Nominee

It is a thrill and an honor to have Bond Proof: The Apprentice, Volume 7 nominated for a 2020 InD’tale RONE (Reward for Novel Excellence). Votes will be needed to get it to the finals and the judging. Expect shameless begging when voting openings 4/27.

In the meantime, it is beyond awesome to have Bond Proof join three other titles in the Twelve Systems Chronicles and a RONE Nominee!

2 thoughts on “Bond Proof 2020 RONE Nominee

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  1. No need for shameless begging. You have written books which keep me enthralled and I cannot thank you enough. My vote is yours wholeheartedly. Keep healthy, keep safe and above all : KEEP WRiTING please.
    Vera from Germany

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