Spotlight Indie Romance: Lords and Ladies

Historical romance often features nobility, whether ancient roman senators, medieval highland lairds, or regency lords. Alyson Chase’s Lords of Discipline is set in Regency England among the powerful nobility. In an enjoyable twist, it tends toward the darker side with the the lords in question engaged in counter espionage and becoming involved with women from the gentry (well off but not noble) who have fallen a foul of a misogynistic and often corrupt legal system. The involvement includes both passion and a taste for kink with both the heroes and heroines having distinct personalities and quirks that prevent the stories from falling into cookie-cutter tropes.

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The day her sister murdered their abusive father, Elizabeth Wilcox stopped being a gentleman’s daughter. Willing to do anything to save her sister from the hangman’s noose, now she is a spy… A servant. A liar. A thief. A submissive.

Masquerading as a parlor maid and entrenched in the Duke of Montague’s estate, Liz is willing to risk all to uncover the secrets that would save her sister. But submitting to the duke’s peculiar brand of discipline surprises her with a heady mixture of pleasure and pain. Eager to relinquish control of her messy life, Liz soon craves the rough hands of Montague and his powerful, passionate attentions.

Can she succumb to the hot sting of his hand and the gentleness of his kisses without revealing her true identity and darkest secrets? And what punishment will she face when he realizes her betrayal?

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