Everyday Fangirl interview with EG

I’m delighted to have a guest appearance on Patty Hammond’s Everyday Fangirl blog where we discuss the Twelve Systems Chronicles, my newest release — Chalice Bearer, and the award winning Twelve Systems Bundle. Read the interview here.

Did you know that Transgressions and Serengeti Valor are both recipients of an InD’tale Gold Finalists Seal? Four out of seven volumes have received awards for excellence.

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3 thoughts on “Everyday Fangirl interview with EG

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  1. I love your Twelve System Chronicles. Plot is intriguing, the characters lovable, plausible and logical, their whole world realistic and vivid. I have inhaled all books, the latest (I think …) Chalice Bearer left me hungry for more. What comes next please, and when ?

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Chronicles. Thank you for posting. The next book is Shieldbearer: Thornraven, Volume 2. https://egmanetti.com/the-twelve-systems-chronicles/shiedbearer-thornraven-volume-2/ . I have it scheduled for January 2021, although I’m hoping for 4th quarter 2020. My editor is out on maternity leave until June, so that is going to impact release. I will post updates on progress on my blog, but you can also find updates in my monthly newsletter, Red Gems: https://egmanetti.us17.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=8d88081953338681a34a6b789&id=0084957978.


      1. Thanks for your answer although you have made me very, very unhappy since I must wait such a long time for the next book. I guess I shall re- read all previous volumes ( no hard task, I looove the books). Thank you once again for your wonderful world and the many happy hours I spent ( and will yet spend there)

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