Indie Spotlight on Romance: 2019 RONE Finalists – Historical 17th Century through Regency

Rogues and noblemen, heroines in peril, ballrooms and castles: the 2019 RONE finalists in in Historical Romance: 17th Century through Regency have it all.

US$3.79 or KU

He’s entirely the wrong sort of man. That’s what makes him so utterly right. After a horrific marriage, widow Everleigh Chatterton is cynical and leery of men. She rarely ventures into society, and when she must, she barely speaks to them. As a favor to a friend, she reluctantly agrees to attend a Christmas house-party. Unfortunately, Griffin, Duke of Sheffield is also in attendance. Even though Everleigh has previously snubbed him, she can’t deny her attraction to the confident, darkly handsome duke.

For almost a year, Griffin has searched for the perfect duchess to help care for the orphan he’s taken on. He sets his sights on the exquisite, but unapproachable Everleigh Chatterton after her sweet interactions with the child impress him. He is convinced he can thaw her icy exterior and free the warm, passionate woman lurking behind the arctic facade. Only, as Griffin pursues her, it’s his heart that’s transformed.

Though this book can easily be read as a stand-alone, most readers prefer to read the series in order.

US$4.99 or KU

A man accustomed to hiding secrets. His dark silver eyes are haunted, and for good reason. Logan Lipinstein lost his wife years ago in the war and has been a living shell of a man ever since, attempting to atone for past sins. Until one fateful day, when she walks past him carrying a basket of bread.

A woman with a lost past. Sienna Ponstance lives in the comfort of her grandmother’s estate, having long ago put herself on the shelf as a spinster. She has her charcoals, the village that she loves, and peaceful days—even if something has always been missing from her life. Until the day her tranquility is shattered when a strange man accosts her as she is walking home from the village.

Love reunited. His wife—dead for ten years—walked along the path in front of Logan. Scarcely believing his eyes, he approaches her and is quickly rewarded with a rebuff that includes the point of a knife. Sienna has no memory of him, thinking him only a ruffian. Now he just has to convince her that he actually is her husband. And that their boundless love can conquer anything—including a past that threatens them at every turn.


One moment in time may be enough, if it lasts forever…

When the man Lady Roselyn Ann Winslow has loved since she was a young girl begins to court her, Roselyn thinks all her dreams have come true… until the dream turns into a nightmare.

Lady Roselyn is everything Edmond Worthington, 9th Duke of Hartford, could ask for in a wife and he is delighted to find she returns his love… until he loses her, not once but twice.

From England’s ballrooms, to Berwyck Castle and a tropical island that is anything but paradise, Edmond and Roselyn face ruthless enemies who will do anything to tear them apart. Can they recover their one moment in time?

US$3.99 or KU

When a lady discovers that even the most unworthy deserve a second chance at love. Miss Estelle Darcy is running from her past. Everyone believes she drowned in a shipwreck off the French coast, and many times she wished she had. The smugglers who rescued her are not the sort of men one crosses. Still, London is a vast city with plenty of unsuitable places where a lady might hide.

Lord Trevane’s pledge to find Miss Darcy has him in a quandary. The only woman ever to haunt his dreams is dead. The only woman Vane ever loved perished eight years ago on The Torrens. Moreover, how does one look for a ghost? And why would he want to when he’s convinced the lady abandoned him and eloped with her lover? Besides, he has his own problems. Renowned for being the most dangerous lord of the ton, ladies are scheming to bed him. Jealous men are plotting to drive a blade through his cold heart. And he has plans to wreak vengeance on the scoundrel responsible for ruining his sister.

But when Fate intervenes and throws them together again, Estelle and Vane must address the mistakes of the past. Neither can risk acknowledging the love they once shared. Damaged by their experiences, both believe it’s too late for second chances. So, how will they fare when the wolves come knocking? How will they fare when passion burns and their need for each other proves too tempting to resist?


The series centers on the Duke of Rutland, a widower, and his four strong-willed offspring. The Duke has formidable enemies determined to destroy his family.

The third installment involves the eldest son of the Duke of Rutland, Nicholas. He has an important—if unwanted—destiny: to marry a wealthy, aristocratic woman who will provide him sons and increase the family’s prosperity. But the plan changes unexpectedly when Nicholas wakes up captive aboard a Portuguese slaver.

Lady Alexandra Sutherland’s fortunes have changed, too. She began life as the daughter of a baron, but when Alexandra was three years old, her nanny rescued her from the murderous designs of the baron’s new wife. As a young woman, Alexandra returns to her family’s estate seeking answers—only to be caught and sold to the slavers by her stepmother.

Nicholas and Alexandra become allies aboard the ship, but Nicholas distrusts Alexandra’s wild account of her life. Then, a hurricane strikes. Barely surviving, the pair reaches a deserted island, where Nicholas must face his growing desire for Alexandra—and discover the truth about her past.

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