Nightingale Correction – Epic Fail: Life Hack

I am so upset. After promising me a fix, for 1/29-30 corrected download, Amazon downloaded Bond Proof! Again.

Rather than wait for Amazon to attempt to correct this, with the aid of a reader, I have found a workaround.

  1. Delete the bad Nightingale from your Kindle.
  2. Repurchase (I’ve returned Nightingale to the pre-order price of $3.99).
  3. Apply to Amazon for a credit for the double-purchase.
  4. If Amazon refuses the credit, let me know. When it releases, I will send a gift copy of Bond Proof to even it out.

Thank you for reading the Twelve Systems Chronicles.

2 thoughts on “Nightingale Correction – Epic Fail: Life Hack

Add yours

  1. I deleted my ‘bad’ nightingale (got refund okay) waited then re-purchased nightingale on Amazon UK – Still get a copy of Bond (so returned that for refund) I ‘ll wait another week then try again!

    Wendy (UK)


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