Nightingale Bad Download Correction: 1/29

Amazon’s wheels grind slowly, but they do move. This morning, customer support responded to my trouble ticket:

Normally it takes 7 business days to send the updated content, but in this case, we will send the updated content to customers within 3 business days. We’ll notify you about this by the end of the day on  “Tuesday, January 29”.

Their math is a bit off. 3 business days from Thursday would be Monday, January 28, but I’m not going to argue the point. In a matter of days, the correct book will be on kindles!

2 thoughts on “Nightingale Bad Download Correction: 1/29

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  1. Is the error that the content appears to be Bond Proof? Will I receive the correct vol 6 automatically or do I have to request a fix?


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