Series Sale: 1/13-19!

Nightingale pre-release series sale. One week only.

Bundle coverThe Cartel & Bright Star (Volumes 1 &2)

99c (Regular price: $2.99)

AmazonNook * Kobo * Apple


Transgressions: The Apprentice, Volume 3

99c (Regular price: $2.99)

Amazon * Nook * Apple *Kobo


Fortuna: The Apprentice, Volume 4

$3.99 (Regular price: $4.99)

Amazon * Nook * Apple *Kobo 

Serengeti Valor_

Serengeti Valor: The Apprentice, Volume 5

$3.99 (Regular price: $4.99)

Amazon * Nook * Apple *Kobo


Nightingale: The Apprentice, Volume 6

Pre-release price: $3.99 (Regular price: $4.99)

Amazon * Nook * Kobo * Apple

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