Spotlight on Indie Romance: 2018 Round-up.

It has been a great year for reading. So many wonderful romances in all sub-genres produced by Indie authors. For the last post of 2018, my selected favorites.

First up, my personal favorite: Science Fiction Romance (SFR). SFR comes in many flavors; military, settlers, cyborgs, alien-heroes, alien-villians, even alien-shifters. Carol Van Natta‘s Central Galactic Concordance series falls mostly into the military trope, but adds in a bit of cyborg, and in Pet Trade: A Central Galactic Concordance Novella, some settler-romance and a wonderful menagerie of genetically engineered pets. An injured veterinarian and a cyborg with unusual pets must join forces to save their town. It’s a deadly adventure—with pets—in the fringes of space.

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For those who enjoy more light-hearted romances, romantic comedy remains one of the most popular sub-genres.

In Bella Love‘s Outside the Lines, accountants can be sexy. As a premise it gave me pause — in execution it was fast, fun, and steamy. Occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, the plot weaves in mystery and suspense while Ms. Love delivers a desirable alpha-hero with a military background.

Working Hard…And Working Late…Has Never Been So Sexy.

$3.99 purchase link:   Amazon

Urban Fantasy is the latest genre to be pulled into romancelandia. In alternate realities where magic is real, witches and warlocks protect the humans, demons are dangerous, and the fae are unpredictable, love takes on a new dimension. Add in sizzling attraction between the MCs and some hot smexy times and you have Veronica Del Rosa‘s Enforcers and Coterie series.

The first in the series can be a little heavy on the world-building and information dumps, but it is more than redeemed by the fast-paced action, plot twists, and explosive chemistry between the main characters.

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The rebellious, dangerous, sometimes deadly anti-hero is a regular figure in romance. Something about forbidden fruit, about knowing the heroine should run the other way just makes the romance more exciting. What is it about the ‘Bad Boy’, the anti-hero? Bikers, mafia, and other assorted dangerous, deadly types that smart women avoid? 

Tess Oliver excels at making the bad boys oh, so good. Whether from the wrong side of the tracks, or entrepreneurs with attitude, her heroes are rough and dangerous when they need to be, decent and caring when they want to be.

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For those who prefer their heroes to be heroic, historical romance is tried and true. Suzan Tisdale is a USA Today Bestselling Author, storyteller and cheeky wench, who writes Scottish historical romance/fiction, with honorable and perfectly imperfect heroes and strong, feisty heroines. And bad guys she kills off in delightfully wicked ways. 

Ian’s Rose is the first is series, The Mackintoshes & the McLarens.

They should never have stolen his wife.

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No year is complete without an offering from my Twelve Systems Chronicles — epic science fiction romance that blends elements of space opera with the intrigue and suspense of a political thriller.

“For some of the very best in science fiction action and romance, Serengeti Valor and the apprentice series stand undefeated!”  InD’tale March 2018

Where honor is revered and love is a dangerous luxury, a woman in peril and a ruthless warrior enter into a dangerous contract. To stay alive, Lilian vows to give Lucius her complete obedience. To achieve his ambitions, Lucius vows to keep her alive. To be forsworn, is to loose everything.

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