IndScribe 2018 – 2 Workshops, a book fair, and Twelve Systems Swag

2018_E.G.Manetti (002)My first book festival.  I’m excited and super nervous.  I’ll be participating in a panel discussion on Thursday, October 4, at 4pm: Steamy not Stinky ~ how to write erotic scenes that are hot and not silly.  I’m also conducting a workshop on World building without info dumps at 2:30pm on Friday.  I was confident when I signed up for these sessions, but now it’s nail biting time. Not only do I need useful and entertaining content,  there is an incredible crowd of other authors attending and presenting. It’s more than a bit intimidating.

InD’Scribe offers single day tickets for readers who want to attend a specific session or meet a favorite author. And for those who just like to read, there’s a free admission book fair on Saturday.   For the first time, there will be Twelve Systems Chronicles swag ~ no purchase necessary, just come by the table.

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