Fortuna Snippet

With Fortuna a 2018 Rone Nominee, a snippet seems in order.   Don’t forget to vote. Please.

Sevenday 90, Day 2

Tugging lightly on the small gold post that replaced the red eargem this morning, Lilian steps across the scarlet threshold to the sound of the eighth-bell chimes.

“How is it you are known to Adelaide’s Prelate?” milord greets her from behind the ebony desk, curiosity and irritation mingling in his voice.

I am the sum of my ancestors. Lilian has not met the conservative prelate. Whatever goes forward, it is a misunderstanding of some sort. Lilian uses the short walk to milord’s desk to regain her composure and formulate her response. “Milord, I am not acquainted with Lady Prelate Judith.”

Milord’s eyes hood in speculation. “There has been a change. The current Adelaide’s Prelate is Apollo Acacia.”

Delight replaces Lilian’s bewilderment. “Apollo is the Lord Prelate? I had not heard, milord. Yes, we are known to each other. He was alcove keeper on Mulan and one of my instructors.”

Milord’s lips tighten into a hint of a frown. “The Lord Prelate requests you call upon him at Adelaide’s Alcove two sevendays prior to the Warriors’ Festival on matters of faith. As I recall, you referred to him as ‘a man with an unconventional mind.’ More intrigue from your past, Lilian?”

For a moment, Lilian is confused, and then she takes milord’s meaning. The last two men from Lilian’s past to visit Crevasse City were Lilian’s former lovers, and they brought her naught but grief. Milord need not be concerned. Apollo would prefer to lie with milord. Do not voice that. “I should not think so, milord. The Lord Prelate does not favor women.”

Although Lilian’s tone is deferential, Lucius suspects his apprentice may have the temerity to be laughing at him. No, she would not dare.

Lucius would like to refuse the request. There is nothing improper in it, his disquiet comes from experience. To date, shades from Lilian’s past have routinely brought the woman into peril. It matters not; Lucius’ authority over his apprentice does not extend to spiritual matters. He has no grounds to refuse. As Lord Patron of the Third System’s First Warrior’s Sect, he has more than sufficient influence to deal with Adelaide’s Prelate should it become necessary. “You may attend the Lord Prelate as he requests.”

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