Flash Fiction: Demons and Ghouls

I wrote this for a game a while ago and recently encountered the same game.  So here it is again.


Dawn should keep the ghouls deep in their caves. I’d be happier carrying a flame thrower, but between the weight and the bulk, it’s not getting through the narrow opening. The stench is unbelievable. Part ghoul and part the poison they’ve been lacing into the rejuvenation elixir. Ever since it hit the market, the little scumbags have been going hungry. They prey on the weak and the sick. Not much of that with the elixir going around.

One hand on my ruger, the other holding the canister, I follow the stench. Just as I suspected, the still is at the back of the crypt. I pull the lid from the alcohol and splash it on the works.

Angels and Demons, pain rips through my butt where a ghoul has latched on. I swing around and smash it into a wall. It drops off, but it’s one of many. Why are they out with the crypt so well lit? They should be cowering in a hole. Three more rush me and I drop them with the ruger. Six more materialize and I’ve only got two more bullets.

They look odd. Eyes flashing colors. Moving faster than normal for their kind. Bite me. They’ve been drinking elixir. I start to run. Pain sears my shoulders. I’m going to die.

Fire bursts around me, the gray light burning red. The little buggers scream and turn to charcoal.

Black eyes, a fanged mouth, horns, and cut body that makes me drool. Demon.

I grab the crimson the hand, “Took you long enough.”

Cazix grins, “You owe me dinner and a blow job.”

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